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Art Show Display Boards
Terms and Conditions for Hire of Display Boards






The Boards remain at all times the exclusive property of Diss & District Rotary Club.

The Hirer will at all times ensure that the boards are packaged effectively to protect them in  
transit, stored safely or used with sufficient care to avoid damage.  Instructions for handling 
and stand erection will be provided on request.

To cover the potential repair of damaged boards, The Hirer will deposit with the Rotary Club 
prior to taking delivery a sum of
  1 - 20 boards                   £50
21 - 66 boards                  £100
The deposit will be returned in full to The Hirer, subject to the boards being returned in 
the originally ‘as-hired’ condition.









All damage must be reported to an official of the Rotary Club on return of the boards 
to the club.

The Hirer will be responsible for paying Diss & District Rotary Club to restore damaged 
boards to a useable condition; any charges made will be substantiated and available for 
inspection by The Hirer.    The deposit will be used to contribute to the repairs.  
In the event that the repair or restoration costs exceed the deposit, The Hirer will be 
liable to pay the difference.

Board numbers and identification labels must not be defaced, altered or removed.

The Hirer undertakes to use only the approved picture hanging clips supplied to display 
the exhibits.

The Hirer must not make any modifications to the boards, legs or means of mounting pictures.

The hire contract between Diss Rotary Club and The Hirer is based on the number of 
boards rented and the number of days of use (retention).   Payment for the hire period
must be made in cash or by cheque (made out to ‘Diss & District Rotary Club’) 
before the boards are released to the Hirer for use. 

Boards not returned by the date stated in the contract will be charged at the single (one day) 
day rate for the number of boards remaining unreturned multiplied by the number of days late.

The Hirer is responsible for arranging transport to the point of use and the return of the boards 
on the original collection site.  Boards must be appropriately protected
by a suitable waterproof 
cover at all times during shipment to protect them from damage whilst in transit. 

Diss Rotary Club will not be responsible for arranging or paying for handling and transport.  
The Club may make recommendations on suitable transport companies but will not be responsible 
for making the arrangements, accepting freight rates, insurance, handling or any liability whatsoeve